He says you're excellent." Yes. But I'm the greenest kind of rookie, and this is my first novel I'm peddling, here. And Arlie has read exactly one han...-picked short story of mine and a handful of my published poems." Gwen's job is to find and cultivate talented writers," Zeke said. "Let's give her a chance to do her job. If you turn out to write like Snoopy, she'll forgive me, eventually." I'd be extremely grateful if you'd put my name in front of her," Susan said. "I can play it any way she. It was a text message. “Hey cutie I had fun 2day. Still can’t believe that you are 18. U changed my opinion about young and uneducated people. Emma” “:)Well you are not so dull yourself, I mean for such a 24 year old grandma. Hope to see you soon. Xoxo” They exchanged text messages for two more months; they were both busy so they could not see each other. Soon Alexis left to University and it was even harder to keep in touch. But they always found the way and time to talk or just text. One day. Pain flared in my heart, a sudden fear yawning in the pit of my belly. Everything slowed. My arm snapped back. I threw my knife, trusting my instinct as Farson's blade reached its peak over his head. And swung down for Angela's neck. My knife tumbled over and over so slow like it flew through sweet, sticky molasses instead of air.I didn't throw it at Farson. I couldn't let Xera die. My heart wouldn't let me. She was too beautiful. Too wonderful. Only she could hear me sneak. Only she could. With her wetness from all of the excitement so far It was a easy move to slip my cock head into her hole . With the head of my cock slipping past the tight opening she gasped with pain and pleasure . I contuined to force my way in and before long I was taking full deep strokes in and out of her ass. Carol was reaching between her legs and rubbing her hard clit with each of my strokes. It toke only a few more strokes of my member to make my cum . And with that I made one more full deep tghrust.

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