College Girl

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Dard hua par ye pahle wild kaam tha jo ajay ne kiya. Mujhe accha laga. Phir mujhe sidha karke apna lund meri choot par rakh diya aur ek chotasa push k...iya. Main to gilli ho chuki thi par phir bhi lund jane ki taklif mujhe hui. Meri muh se “uuuuuuuuuffff Ooooooouuuuuuuchhhhh” nikal gaya. phir 2-3 dhakko me uska pura lund meri choot me andar tak chala gaya. dhire dhire wo mujhe chodne laga.Maine bhi apni gand utha utha kar usse chudwane lagi. Wo mere boobs ko chus raha tha aur niche chod raha. Rachel is a stunning 36-29-30 brunette who has a lovely pair of c cup tits. She was the vice-captain of the school’s cheerleading team. We ate lunch as we chatted about school and lifestyle. After lunch, Karen and Rachel cleaned up while I and the boys went into the den. The girls joined us not long later and Zach said: “Now Karen darling, you will learn you r next lesson and Rachel here will teach you.” We were stunned as Rachel took Karen’s hand ad led her to the middle of the den. Rachel. We went for a nice, leisurely lunch, and then shit hit the fan.I behaved so badly and deserved all that resulted from it.It started well. Edward told me that he had found a house for us and wanted me to see. What he hadn’t mentioned was he had already bought it and had furniture delivered.He drove us to the house, which from outside was very nice and in a lovely neighborhood. I could imagine living here. But then we went inside.Inside I was assaulted by all this old, dark, heavy furniture. "Mmmphmm," I replied around his cock. I kept pumping up and down."Yes, you are a good little cocksucking slut. I've heard of your talents little sister and now you are showing me what you know. You are a natural, you were born to suck cock. You are nothing without a hard fat cock in your mouth you fucking little whore!" he growled.Michael's words were foreign to me - I had never heard him talk like this. But at the same time, his words had my pussy drooling uncontrollably. He was fucking my.

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College Girl

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