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I lifter her and put on the bed, i few more finger fuck, then wet my knob with spit and entered. It sure was a nice pussy, her juice was so much that ...e giggled when the gurgle sound came. I told her ‘can i record the sound for mobile ring tone?’ she nodded. Once recorded, i lifted her and we started fucking in standing facind other. When i kissed her i noticed we havnt opened upper clothes, didnt fondle her brest, didnt even kissed before fucking.Told her ‘alka you are relaxed now, lets do. Mere lund ka nishana chachi ki choot par tha). Chachi: Haan raja mein paas khasktee hoon. Ab tumhara lund meri choot ko chhoo raha hai Arun mere devta.Chacha: Meri sundari, mein lund ghusana shuru karta hoon.(meine lund chachi ki choot mein ghusana shuru kiya)Chachi: Haan preetam aur andar, aur andar , ahhhhhhh(chachi actual mein orgasm par thee. Ek taraf uska pati usse phone sex kar raha tha dosree taraf uska paya bhateeja usse actual mein chod raha tha).Chacha: Ohhhhhhhhhhh raneeeeeeee teri. ’ I hadn’t meant for the last part to slip but I was trying to reassure her. At the same time though it was getting harder and harder to deny the way I felt about her, even though I was putting up my best fight. ‘I know…I…’ She cut of her statement to just stare into my eyes. I couldn’t really read the look in her eyes but started to worry about what she saw in mine. Did she see how much I felt for her? All the sudden her arms where over my shoulders and around my neck. Her lips crashed into. I sat waiting, not knowing what had caused the reaction: what had he seen? “Nice tits,” he said. I looked down to see my dressing gown hanging open. “Thanks,” I replied. He was smiling and I found myself smiling back. Was that all? Was that all he’d seen? I made no comment as Daniel took hold of his fully-erect cock and gave it a tug. “Are you having a shower?” “I suppose.” “Do you mind if I…” Suddenly in my imagination my tits were dripping with Daniel’s spunk. “You want to spunk on my tits?”.

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Sl Boobs & Cunt 1:16

Sl Boobs & Cunt

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Indian Couple

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