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To thank you for bringing us up here the guys all chipped in and we got you a motel room for the night. I'm here and dads in Atlanta so you don't rush home. You can get a good nights sleep and head home in the morning fresh and rested. Also, we are taking you out with us for dinner tonight."He was right. With Dale in Atlanta I'd only have an empty house to go to so I told them I'd take them up on the offer. Billy handed me the money for the motel, told me to go check in and that they. I don’t think she heard me whisper, “And you’re becoming my night and day.”It took me a lot longer to drop off, my hand relaxed from holding her breast but, as I tried to remove it, Gina snuffled in her sleep and held my hand close to her hot breast. It took me a lot longer to drop off to sleep after that!Monday was a quiet night in for both of us after work, sitting and relaxing in pleasant company with Fred and Pam in their sitting room until we declared an early bedtime. Gina came to bed. The following Saturday I came home from a round of golf and I took my clubs down into the basement to polish my woods. I heard Fran and Cindy talking in the kitchen and from the conversation it was obvious to me that they hadn't heard me come in:Cindy: "Honestly Frannie, I don't understand why you won't. You know you wantto and you know that the guys want you to."Fran: "I can't! I want to, I'd love to, but I can't cheat on my husband.Cindy: Trust me on this one honey, he won't care. He's just. Clapping her hands sharply twice to command the room’s attention she spoke softly “Ladies and attendants, it would appear that we have been made accomplices to the murder of twelve innocent lives. I want you all to know that I had absolutely no prior knowledge of this, and would never knowingly be a party to such an event. Given the gravity of this news, and the responsibility for which we are now tasked, I would like to ask you each to proceed to your residences, and return in three hours to.

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Indian Gf

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