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" Zack Ryder says as he points in the direction Teddy Long walk in. The Long Island, New York native then smiles suddenly, "Whoa... you know you can h...lp out with something!"AJ curiously raises an eyebrow and laughs "With what?" I got this killer idea... the WWE Diva Broski Challenge..." Zack Ryder grins, "It's to find out what Divas are totally broski material!"AJ scrunches her nose up and innocently looks at Zack Ryder. "And how do you figure that out?"Zack Ryder pauses, "You know b*o... I. Alan handled introductions all the way around. Tim and Billy stayed. Vicki and Kim took off to find the female contingent.“Teresa called Kim and Vicki,” Tim said.“My sister’s marrying...”“Me,” Don said. “Damn, boy! You’re big!”“Uh, don’t abuse my sister...”“He’s harmless,” Tim said. “Just aim for his knee...”“Look, Bill,” Don said. “I have been threatened by everybody that if I mess up, they’re gonna cut Cindy loose on me.”“Sir,” Billy started.“Don’t call me ‘sir’, Bill. I’m gonna be your. . . ready to be touched . . . like yours are.” He had returned her implied invitation to gander at her gabonzas, with a gambit to ‘cope a feel’. It turned Lena on, responding to his tentative advances like a kid again herself, ready to make out on the couch. “Could I, mom?”“What?” Lena was brought out of her romantic erotic reverie.“Can I see you breasts, see your nipples erect? Open your blouse and let me see your mammaries, please, mom!”Still in a dream like state Lena re-opened her top. "I know." Don't go," she said."You need to sleep," I told her."Not alone," she mumbled. "Tired of alone."Had I not drunk any brandy, I'd have left. I'm not saying I was drunk, by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm not blaming it on the booze. It's just that, in my current mental condition, the idea of staying was pretty attractive. It would have been attractive anyway, but that brandy tipped the scales toward the decision to stay.I kicked off my shoes and laid down on the bed beside her,.

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Deep Blowjob 0:41

Deep Blowjob

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Indian forest

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Moaning loud

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