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Master's cock was now the center of my world, and I was content to haveit deep down my throat while I mumbled, "I am a sissy slut. I long tobecome a s...ssy whore and service all men and their yummy cocks," over andover again.Somewhere during that time, I felt Jamie slide around under the table.She maneuvered so that our ass cheeks were touching and then reached backand started squeezing my balls as hard as she could. I was shaking inpain, but all I could think of was that one day, when I could. Gudnwet bucks, her exposed folds dripping profusely now.One of the yeti speaks up, his voice low and husky. “Let me fuck her now,” he growls as she steps forward.“Not yet,” Gudnwet says with what sounds like some authority to her tone. “After she makes me cum, you can do whatever you want to us.” The impatient yeti grumbles, but otherwise he or the others do anything. “Are you getting tired of the view?”“Of course not,” the impatient yeti says defensively. “But her cunt is right there.”“This. She was cumming suddenly. Karen stopped cumming and stood behind me and started to rub her nipples on my back and feel my ass urging me on "Mac fuck her good.....The whore is loving your cock...give it to her...I would like to see you do things with your whore mom." "Come on son fuck is cumming...... whore mom is cumming on your cock" mom was shouting loudly as she reached her climax. I reached up and took her nipples in to my hands and rubbed hard. I was breathing through my. Kavita saw a relieved smile at my face but she smiled back at me.“Mom, Mr Reddy is going back to Chennai tomorrow. The next time he is in town, you can meet him then,” I told my mom.I thought finally I can enjoy this party. It was getting a bit late and some of Ayushi’s friends started going by now.“Where’s Suresh?” I asked my mom“Even he has gone back, he will come back tomorrow to pick up Avantika. Avantika will stay with us tonight,” My mom said.“It’s really good that you are talking to.

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