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.. concealing the items I was really in search of.I passed through the underwear aisle, and obtained a few pairs of men's briefs, along with a couple ...f sets of white crew socks, just for good measure. I took a deep breath, and ready to once again commence with the pursuit of my fantasy, headed over to the women's apparel area.That familiar feeling of euphoria overwhelmed me. So many beautiful clothes... and so little time, and so little money. The initial trepidation about being caught looking. As she bottomed out & let out a gasp of air I leaned toward the door so I could see the road ahead. It was after 2am & the road was pretty clear except a car whose lights I could see on my rearview. She rode & ground deep on my hard dick as I palmed her ass with my right hand. The car behind us seemed to change lanes to my right but never passed which was odd since I set the cruise at 55 in a 60 zone. She took note & enjoyed the fact they might be trying to see through my window tint. I felt. As he entered he saw me and asked my studies are going..i replied in positive and he went to his room to change, i came back to my room to study and around 3:30 i slept.Next morning i woke up late and finished my daily chores and went to have breakfast, i saw that even mt bro was having his breakfast late as he woke up late i belv,kannika was serving him and she gave me aswell..i watched Tv for sometime and with out wasting much of time i went back to my small room to study.After 1 or 1.5 hrs i. I must have come tons as I collapsed lifelessly on top of her. After what seemed like ages I pulled myself up to look down at this angel who had given me so much pleasure. She was smiling at me eyes still closed. She then opened her beautiful eyes and said “That was wonderful I really needed it.” I kissed her gave her a hug as slowly tried to pull out of her. She pulled me back and said “not now.” So we lay for some more time and then finally she said,” let’s go to the bedroom.” So we.

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Kaki Pathki 5:30

Kaki Pathki

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HEMA – 18 NOV 7:34


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Sexy Wife Bathing - Movies. 7:00

Sexy Wife Bathing - Movies.

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Hot Desi Couple 0:56

Hot Desi Couple

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