Tammy was actually mad about it. Bo kept out of it and Kelly just went with the flow. Around 7 Tammy stops by and has her 12 year old niece with her., can you please keep her till we get back? She’ll shower and be in bed. Plus I’ve got you some fire and she handed me some near pure meth! Hey, no problem! The girls left and her niece and I said hello. I pointed to the shower and off she went. Man I hit that stuff and wow it was potent! A short time later Macy comes out of th3 restroom and I. And this time, I wasn’t at the point of tears, I was a grown man crying, crying in a public place. Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I sobbed like a baby, convinced that this stupid game we were playing had in one night destroyed over twenty years of our love and marriage.I looked so bereft and shell-shocked that one of the bar staff and one of the security staff checked to see if I was okay. It must have been a good half an hour before my tears ceased and I was able to even think of what to do. Never saw Gayatri before in that beautiful moon light where she wore a soft paijama without any inners probably just her panty and petticoat.. I could clearly see her entire figure in one shot if she is standing in that night lamp and moon light… All of a sudden my thoughts changed and all I can think is how sexy and hot she is… She asked if I want to change in to something but I was reluctant to which she asked if I want to enjoy the warm tub bath which is set-up in the balcony… I immediately. Next morning woke up at 5 am, quickly freshed up and waited for Mary. It was very long wait she came at 6.30 and I was a bit wild due to her delay. She said she took bath before coming and that’s why delayed. I felt glad grabbed her and hugged her. She was also hungry for fuck so, she was wildly kissing me. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and threw her on bed. Her sari parted and blouse exposed her valley and her belly looked so smooth and lovely. I feasted my eyes on her body. She.

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Granny fucking 5:31

Granny fucking

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Desi chudai part 1 0:59

Desi chudai part 1

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Mast mona...

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