Changing Room

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  • 7 months ago

Dave told Jeff to follow his lead ... that if they played their cards right that they'd make this 40 year old housewife their whore for the afternoon....Jeff joked that it'd be great to send her home to her husband with a cunt full of hot cum .... "her husband would blow his mind if he knew what a hot slut his wife is". (How little he knew ... I know exactly what kind of a submissive pet she is). At almost the same time they saw her. She seemed to float across the floor towards there table. Jeff. Annie blocked all this out; she just wanted Pete to come so she could get this over with. Grabbing the shaft of his dick in one hand she sucked as hard as she could. Bill’s hands were all over her; squeezing her breasts, sliding up her skirt and between her thighs. With Pete’s dick in her mouth and Bill fingering her pussy, she glanced at her husband. He hadn’t moved but was staring intently. When Pete did come, she wasn’t ready for the sheer volume of his juice as it forced itself into her. Like Doris, she was wearing stockings and suspenders, but no panties. Roy pushed Doris forward onto her elbows in front of June. June's thighs were much thicker than Doris's, and she was spreading them apart a few inches from Doris's startled face. "Come here, slut," she said harshly, taking hold of Doris's hair. "Get that pretty mouth busy. You know what I want. You know what to do now, don't you? The same as I've just been doing to you. Get that tongue into my cunt."She yanked Doris's head. Is that understood?" Yes Mistress Gina," Wendy mumbled due to the leash in her mouth, as the little woman edged her self of the couch with a rocking motion and then dropped to the floor. She was just a little taller standing than Wendy was sitting on her heels."Remove my robe Jean and you may both drop the leashes. " Yes Mistress Gina." He removed her robe, revealing her totally naked body."Have a good look Wendy," she turned slowly three hundred and sixty degrees. Wendy gaped, causing the.

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Changing Room