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  • 1 year ago

”The judge handed me the phone. “Hello...”“Ross, this is Doctor Halberstadt. The FBI is flying you to a military base where we will have a ped...atrician check over from head to toe. It sounds like you managed to come out of this without doing any additional damage to your body, so that certainly sounds positive, but you need to understand in your condition, you can’t do what other people do. The kinds of stresses you put yourself through could cause the same type of short circuit that happened. Neither of us had ever done it before. We had girlfriends, but were curious. So over a summer, we tried different things. Maybe I will write more about that in another story, but this isn't the time. Needless to say, I did enjoy the sensation of touching and feeling another guy. I think the whole thing was made more exciting because we knew it would always be kept secret and it would not turn us off from being heterosexual. Just some innocent curiosity between good friends. Neither of us was. There is no debt. Dollars, there has been no one to spend it on in the past. I enjoy spending money on you. Neither of us are extravagant but we don't ever have to say that we can't afford something." Abraham, I don't care that you have money. I care that I have your heart. Money isn't important without the heart. Yes, we can enjoy things because there is money but I enjoy working. I think you enjoy working, too. You have been building here and caring for it while you're going to school. Of. "Shit" I think- "now what?" I look through the remaining pairs, and find the large. I quickly slip them on- perfect! I can just tuck my cock up behind the zipper if I pull them up a little, and not walk all the way out this time- maybe you won't notice, and I won't have to try any more on. I walk out to where you are- "Well?" I ask. "Ohhh- those look good" you say. "Are they too tight? You're standing a little funny." "No- they're fine" I say. "Seem to fit well." "Let me see" you say, as you.

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