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He said I should tell you all about how the him and the guy's treated me after that Saturday. And how much I love it and how much fun it's been findin... out how younger guy's liked us older ladies. That Sunday I got out of bed some time around noon and if it was not for how sore I was I would had thought it to be a dream. So I got up and got in the shower then went out in to living room to find Mike watching the DVD of the me and the guy's he shoot. I sat next to him on the couch and he said . She was sorry and asked if there was any service she could perform “to make up the lapse in service” to the Patron.As she knew, the Patron only accepted service from those he trusted.I liked Alina and owed her something. Once some years ago Alina had been very good to me. But based on the facts there could be only one result of her actions. Still, I felt that maybe I could return her favor by granting her some mercy in the form of her departure. After I heard her limited confession I talked to. He was fucking me so hard, taking revenge for the way I teased him, screwing me with all his might. I felt like my eyes were rolling in my head, I was in heaven...Then Henry stopped, and called over Steve..Then he pulled out and whispered in my ear,"Ever heard of double penetration?"My dick got hard as a rock and so the same with my nipples..I got so excited..Henry and Steve lied down and intertwined themselves with their balls and dick meeting one another..Two cocks standing in somewhat of a. "You needthe air, and anyway, I have work for you to do," and she set me atpeeling some vegetables and tending to the fire. Although the dress waslong skirted, I was aware of the strange nakedness underneath and keptmy legs well tucked under me. I fretted at the domestic tasks and begancounting the days until I could change back.Ali rejoined us three days after I had regained consciousness, slippinginto our camp one night. "Where have you been?" I asked.I realized he was appraising me. I.

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