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I talked with Emma." He sighs deeply as he mentions his wife. "I have been an ass for the last 20 years. We could have done more. I could have done mo...e for my family." He looks over at me to see if I am going to respond to any of this. I only gaze back at him quietly. Trying to leave my face blank, but I think some where he sees what he needs and continues."The boys were impressed with how you ladies fought. I was impressed with the fact that you, Chronos seemed to know what questions to ask,. "I meant it halfheartedly, if he had wanted to continue I would have let him. He crawled on the bed next to me. He was over his domination mode. Suddenly the nice gentle man I had met re-emerged. "Are you all right?" he asked."Yes," I whimpered. Frank then held me for about ten minutes as I periodically shook. I needed to regain my composure, to recover. Finally I looked at him."That was amazing." I said.He replied, "I didn't over do it, did I?" God no," I said.I had just received the roughest,. What he saw in the mirror was the naked body of a pretty but plain girl,probably aged between 20-22, with small tits, shapely long legs, and anice if unremarkable ass. A solid 7 out of 10, if he did say so himself.Looking at his crotch was a disorienting experience. Where he'd grownaccustomed to seeing a sizable penis, now there was a cute vagina hiddenunder a tuft of hair. Alan thought for a moment - it wouldn't be right tomeet someone without shaving that hair off. Indeed, back when he was. Surely, she would not marry the ugly dark Moor -- Il Mostro. Her entrance, and her choice for her first dance partner, sent the message loudly and clearly, that she very much was attaching herself to the fearsome and hideous Count Nero. The Count, in the costume mask he normally wore to these events, clearly a model for Jutta’s, struck his usual presence. Taller than any man in the Republic, with massively broad shoulders and powerful legs, set off by the cut of his uniform, made every woman.

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