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How many families can boast of that?”Lynn Barry just shrugged her shoulders and said, “C’est rien, Tom. C’est rien!”Lynn waited again in sil...nce. She knew there was still something else Tom wanted to say.“No, mom!” replied Tom eventually. “It is not NOTHING. It is incredible. To me it is like somehow you just seemed to know it would all work out this way. Even when I was filling out that twenty page document from hell you just seemed to know that it was all going to work out.”Lynn looked at Tom. Without wasting much time, she pulled my shorts down to my knees and again I felt something wet and slippery touching my pee and causing sensation in my body. I was curious and wanted to see what she was doing to me. I kept snoring and placed my arm at my forehead. Out of curiosity, I opened my eyes a bit and from the corner of my eye got a glimpse of What sort of nice thing she was doing to me. I was surprised and mesmerized to see that she was licking and sucking my pee; the way, a baby. However, they remained outside of church until the end of the service, and then fell in with us holy ones before we all marched back to camp for Sunday dinner.An urban myth was that 'the ungodly' were given foot drill during the hour long service, and many became 'Christian' to get into the warmth of the church during the winter months.The RAF ensign was raised every morning at Reveille, with the Orderly Officer, Orderly Sergeant, and the duty trumpeter in attendance. However on Wednesdays the. Mom said it was her fault for just walking in like that. In the evening mom would always wear a long T shirt with white under ware. Every now and then I would see her pussy hair sticking out of her undies. She wanted to put away towels and said she could do it later. I told her, she could put the towels away, seeing as I was covered now. Meanwhile, I’m thinking when she bends over to that bottom dresser drawer; I’ll see the shape of her pussy lips through her underwear. Mom laid the towels on.

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