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The tongue worked up my thigh to my stomach and played at my navel, arms slipped beneath my legs and lodged themselves in the hollow of my knees. Hug... powerful hands gripped my biceps and held me sensuously tight as a body moved rapidly up between my legs. A rubbery rigid probe poked around my anus till it found it's mark. It hesitated for a split second and with a sudden lunge I knew that a hard dick had entered my young butt again in less then three days. My eyes bucked open, I could barely. She looked so sexy that it wasn’t long before I could not hide my full erection. I ran to my room and stripped off faster than I had ever before. I lay back on the bed stroking myself.The feeling of jerking off felt great. I had only started jerking off, and had still never actually cum before, I was scared and never knew what it would be like.I closed my eyes, seeing granny’s gorgeous face in front of me, making me jerk off hard. I didn’t hear my door open and granny walk in. I didn’t see her. Then she started lubing it up. Shanti was going to prepare me for Mike's little pecker to enter my asshole.Shanti got behind me. Then she started stroking her fake cock just like Mike was stroking his little weiner in the corner. His cock was getting very erect. Shanti ordered Mike to come over and line up his cock with her dildo. Shanti's dildo is six inches long and Mike's hard cock was two inches short of that. Four inches erect! Ha ha. Oh, well, still good enough for anal sex.Then Shanti. Oh, just rub it all over and come backdownstairs. Now be quick, we haven't much time." He took the secondbottle and looked at the two of them, not really taking any notice of thebrightly coloured labels."What am I supposed to do with these?" he asked."Just follow the instructions you idiot. It's not rocket science."He wandered off upstairs, grumbling about the fact that when he mentionedthe fact they didn't have much time, it was all under control, thensuddenly, less than five minutes later,.

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