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The medallion touched both theirchests.Ramesis felt a strange sensation. Then Hubia picked up a golden gobletand offered him wine. As he sipped, he fe...t more and more uneasy - likesomeone was dancing on his Ka. Suddenly, he felt generous breasts comeout of his chest, and his hands and arms turned black and slender."By the Gods - What is happening to me?!" he cried, and his voice lackedpower and authority. It came out as a weak female screech.He looked at Hubia, who was grinning triumphantly.. Florence could simply not get enough of either cock, or the juicy cunt she was sucking. She moaned with pleasure as the joyful pistons impaled her, one after the other, again and again. The female Helper cried out as her orgasm consumed her. She did not back away, but instead grasped Florence by her wet hair and pulled her face into her cunt. “Again!” she gasped softly, as she ground her cunt harder onto Florence's mouth and tongue.“Oh, God!” screamed Florence into the girl's cunt as she felt. I moved it to my lips and sucked on it.“Oh God, that feels so good when you suck on my clit. I love you guys.”Moving my tongue back down to Syndy’s jewel, “Your pussy is very pink. As I said before, where Wren’s is a little darker, yours is so soft looking. The hood of your clit is thinner. When I slide your hood back, like Wren’s clit yours is also a pebble, however your pebble is almost twice the size of hers.” As I sucked on Syndy’s pebble, she starts to move and her breathing changes. Rubbed his cock around in the juices on her thighs and that had flowed down the crack of her ass and then positioned it against her sphincter muscle. Pamela suddenly realized what he was going to do."NO! PLEASE! NOT MY AAAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed as the boy pushed into her ass. Then her Master released her."Fuck me slut" he ordered her. "Fuck my cock with your cunt as my son fucks your ass. You wanted cock and we're giving you cock so get busy and fuck them." Pamela immediately began grinding.

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