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What do you mean curse?? she squinted at her aunt. Sit down Nica please, I have to tell you something very important and you need to sit down, Monica ...aid grimly. Nica sat on the edge of the bath with her short night shirt on as Monica put the lid down on the toilet to sit on it, she placed her hands on Nicas knees reassuringly. Nica sweetie, we are witches, she said with a blank expression on her face, waiting on a reaction from Nica. WHAT!? she squealed. We are witches, Monica repeated again.. I knealt before her so that she squirted all over my face."Fuck me i can't stop coming.I have never squirted like this before".I eventually pulled away and let her continue squirting all over the shop floor.She eventually stopped squirting and when i looked over at her she had a huge shit-eating grin on her face."You do know my pussy has never been this wet before and i have never squirted.bloody hell that was good".I guess your pussy is wet enough now for me to fuck it?"."Oh yes young man.I. Jennifer will coordinate everything.”The man looked at the slip of paper and then up at Ed who was moving towards the door. Surprised at the name on the paper, he asked, “Jennifer Wilson will coordinate the movements of our army?”“Yes,” said Ed with a smile as he paused on his way to the door. He reached over to one of the carts and picked up a finger cake and popped it into his mouth. He was half tempted to ask for the recipe.Visibly shaken, the Army General in the room asked, “The Jennifer. However, at the moment, the only thing occupying my attention was thesexual sensations that my new female body was experiencing.I heard a woman's moan and realized that it was I who was moaning. Jill'scock was feeling very good as she stroked it in and out of my vagina.Having been a girl for most of her life, she understood what to do tomaximize the pleasure for a woman that she was screwing. And, it certainlywas feeling good to me as I involuntarily raised my legs up and wrappedthem around her.

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