Behind them were thirty eight trucks some filled with troops then three tanks. Three Spitfires circled the column.Later in the day Prof reported a sec...nd column, made up of an armoured car in the lead with a 30mm quad anti-aircraft cannon mounted on a truck. Then large fuel and water bowser trucks came behind and approximately two hundred troops marching with another 30mm truck mounted cannon, the second armoured car brought up the rear.Shaun let the others know, the Spitfires would be a. " "Hey, you don't have to call me mister," laughing ather Southern properness and continued, "don't worry about it. Are youok?" Dakota nodded. The boy's smile remained. "Then that's all thatmatters." It was not until the boy helped Dakota to her feet that sheeven noticed she was still being carried. She liked it. As she turned herhead away to blush, the boy extended his hand, introducing himself. "Wellmy name is Alex, I'm in A108. You just moved in right?" As Dakota tookhis hand, her voice. Astounded, she turned out Tv and light and after using the bathroom went to her own big cold bed. She was a little flattered, but a lot sad that he had said it was only as a stand in for his own mother her sister… she slept fitfully, knowing sex was a subject that would be the elephant in their room all the time he was here. At breakfast next day, as it happened a Saturday, she explained that today she would take him along to the academy, only a short walk away, show him where to go, book him. She hooked one of her arms around my neck, freeing the other to reach down and grab my shaft. Feeling that I was already standing at full mast, she positioned me at her entrance and swiftly loosened her grip dropping her cunt down onto my penis. Even though she was only a little moist, she had a very loose hole and offered very little resistance. Once she had planted herself firmly at the base of my stalk, Nancy closed her eyes and planted a kiss on my lips. At this point, it was obvious to me.

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