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It was arousing looking at the beautiful lace pattern of the panties Iwas wearing around my groin. I would want to have sex with the womanwearing the...e panties. It just happened that it wasn't a woman wearingthem - I was.I felt I was about to climax.That was what women did, climaxed, wasn't it? I quickly grabbed sometoilet tissue and stuffed them down my panties. Somehow I was able towipe myself off without getting my panties wet.Then as I finished drying my limp dick I suddenly thought. Quite a few other girls borrowed us during the evening, each being given the same instructions as Helen had given Julie, and of course all taking full advantage of our helplessness. I don't know about Jenny, but I was reaching the point where I would lie down on the dance floor, and let anyone have me, if only I could come.When Julie and Sue approached Helen once more to borrow us, I took the opportunity, when Julie was holding me close, to whisper a suggestion to her. From the look in her eyes. To be honest, that’s who knocked up your precious daughter, not me.” He looked at me and I heard him mumble “Bullshit” as he left.Mr. Pope turned and looked at me asking what the hell just happened. I explained all the things that had been going on. I told him everything that had happened, including from my truck being vandalized, to the shit going on at school this week. His advice was to nip this shit in the bud as soon as possible.We closed up a little early after all the drama, and Mr. Pope. With a deep, guttural groan Patterson’s hand jerked back on his foreskin and a long stream of thick, white jism exploded from the tip and splashed down obscenely between Mia’s breasts.“How long have you been a police officer?” Mia asked innocently as she began to search for her discarded underwear.The question took Patterson by surprise. He was still sitting back on the sofa, his cock now wilted to half its original size and streaked with a mixture of Mia’s sex fluid and saliva.“Er…about…er…ten.

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