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.I have not got 2 fingers deep inside of me, my thumb rubbing my clit. My skirt has slid so far up, you can see that I'm not wearing anything You look at me and tell me, “work it baby, work that hot slot..."I am biting my lower lip and bringing myself to the edge and back. There is virtually no traffic around so I pull my tank over my head.. I unsnap my bra with my free hand and I drop it to the floor. It feels so good to have the warm sun on my hard nipples. My fingers are. Janna was sure that her driver thought she was out of her mind. To be honest, even Janna herself was not so sure the man was wrong. Though her doubts stemmed from something greater.Her trip in the coach had left her time to think. Too much time, in fact. Time enough to come to believe that she was not the right person to be doing this. Or that it was not the right thing to do in the first place. Either way, it felt wrong. She felt like she was supposed to have answers when she did not know what. I walk down the halls to your room and tap on the door with my foot. You open it and I say in a Southern drawl so as to disguise my voice from you, "Your bags, ma'am?" Oh, right. Come on in," you say. Noticing my cargo-pants, pony tail and t-shirt as opposed to any semblance of a uniform, you ask me who I am and if I actually work there. I set the bags (mine among them) on the floor near your bed and stand up, grinning to myself and replying in my own voice before I turn around."You're right,. I took the dishes up and placed them in the sink to wash later. I knewwhat Michelle would want next, so while she rested there in the chairbehind the table, I excused myself to the master bathroom and drew her ahot bubble bath with candles lit yet again. The gentle suds filled theporcelain oval and filled the room with the scent of desire. I wouldleave her alone to relax. This would be her wind down time.Michelle walked into the bedroom with her bags from the trip as I wasexiting the master.

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