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He had known when he came here that she would be traumatized by her experience, but he never imagined it would be this bad. Her mind had been twisted ...nto an unrecognizable mess of pain and degradation. Was there any chance that she would recover from this? Would she spend the rest of her life punishing herself and putting herself down for cruelty that she never deserved in the first place?He pressed his forehead against the back of her hand. “Colleen, this is my fault, this happened to you. But Sundaram insisted he would put his tablet by himself. He grabbed the tablet and the glass of water from her hand and tried to swallow by himself. Sundaram thought this was where he would make his next move.So he acted like he choked on the tablet and started coughing frantically. Nandini started panicking and moving closer to him to help him stabilize. Sundaram started moving sideways near her so he could lean on her. And to his luck, she positioned herself so he could lean directly over. Though again she appeared disinclined to do so, for which we were quite grateful. The bulk of the ordinary Sidhe society was turning to a mostly pastoral base which was being used to support a standing army which meant that Verenestra could use them all year round unlike Oonagh’s army which apart from a core of Daoine Sidhe had a seasonal aspect to it.As allies we supported the general direction the war was taking, though had not needed to be placed on the front lines again. Mostly our role was. I featured a flustered face and nodded."Oh, you have to meet my hubby, Matt," Molly implored her, bringing her to me. "Matt, this is my twin sister, Victoria. We both have the same dark brown hair, bust size, and eyes as you can see, but..." I'm prettier, and my tits are just a tiny bit bigger," Victoria broke the news, pushing her bosoms up a tad and right before she put her hand out."Fuck that, give him a hug, sis," Molly ordered her, pushing her to me somewhat. "You see now; she's a free.

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Family Fuck

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