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Laundry?’ She groaned. ‘Unfortunately. At least there’s no class.’ Luckily, even though the rest of her week was packed, Rachel’s Wednesdays...were free. Waving goodbye as she headed upstairs, she couldn’t get one thought out of her head. It raced around, keeping her awake as she slipped into bed. Was Cooper right? Did Hunter like her? She groaned, flipping over onto her stomach. She wasn’t in high school. If Hunter wanted her, he could damn well act like it. But for now, she focused on. I started to decent the stairs, making sure to hold onto the wall as I did so as not to break my neck. I was thinking what a lovely surprise she'll get when she walk's into the sitting room to find me ready and waiting to fuck the living daylights out of her. I was near the bottom of the stairs when the doorbell rang and i said to myself that's fucked that scenario up, she's forgotten her key. I open then door and so as not to let the neighbours see me just reached my arm around and said follow. In fact I've actually passed her lovers on my way home as they are leaving my neighborhood. On those days my mouth is sucking the cum from her swollen wet pussy only minutes after it was put there. Sloppy seconds is the only kind of pussy I get. I haven't fucked her when she wasn't loose and wet for over eight years. She has had well over two hundred different cocks inside her in the pasted eight years. She has nine regular guys that come visit a couple of times a week. I asked her to suck the. As she did, she said seductively “I have wanted you this way for quite some time. Now we can truly love one another and satisfy each other’s fantasies.” Taking that as an opportunity to proceed I unhooked the back of dress and pulled the zipper down. I then lowered her half-slip to the ground. She had already kicked off her shoes so next I pulled down her panty hose and helped her step out of them. At last we were down to the bare essentials. However as I tried to unhook her bra I got.

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French Amateur

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