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Slowly she opened her eyes to see him staring at her. As gentle as a feather he took the back of his hand and caressed her cheek. Causing a wonderful ...hiver to go through here body. Taking her shiver as a sign of lack of warmth, he pulled her to him, once more covering her lips with his. This time the kiss didn’t last as long, but it was just as shuttering. Reaching and picking up her glass with the remaining wine in it, he dipped his finger into the liquid then rubbing it gently onto her. She was installing a new computer system, amultimedia conferencing system, and serving as a broker for severalhigh priced exchanges of rare first editions. I told her I had donesome equipment installation on the job I had retired from, and sheoffered me a job on the spot. I was only too happy to agree, and toldher I would be back in an hour after changing clothes, since I didn'tthink a middle aged man in bike shorts was appropriate business attire.Joanna told me not to leave as the store had. Utilitarian furniture accumulated in bits and pieces through my college years. The scatter of books and papers and a few houseplants. My prized hockey possession—the autographed Joe Sakic jersey from the 2001 Stanley Cup Championship Season hanging framed on the wall. I wondered what Red Wings memorabilia Steve had tucked away.My eyes fell on the pictures on top of the bookcase. Vickie and me on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Sandy, in full hockey gear, holding the trophy she'd won that. Lubing my cock with lots of cocoa butter cream allowed me to get a good “seat” around the base with the thick walled tube wedged under the leather strap I was wearing. I flipped on the electric pump and my cock was fully swollen in the tube with lots of empty space all around. I restarted the DVD turned on my electric blanket and laid back to give myself about an hour of post saline cock pumping. Marc had just stuffed the melon and the warmth of the blanket and the extreme pot buzz had me fast.

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