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Okay I’ll risk it anyway. I feel like a hundred cums.”“He can probably get it up again, in any case.”I was being talked about again, but not i... an unflattering way at least, so I smiled and speeded up. In a minute or two Zann was having an earth-shaking orgasm round my madly throbbing cock, but I managed not to cum.I waited till she’d calmed down a bit, and resumed.“Join in Saffs,” she breathed, and her girlfriend started on the right breast while her girlfriend’s mother continued on her left.. Putting her hand to his hip and tilting her head to receive another kiss she moved the other hand neatly to his firm bottom, squeezing with delight. They began to kiss, long ,wet, passionate, kisses, tongues battling.I lay back and rubbed the crotch of my jeans. My cock was solid. Comfortably hard against my thigh. I could feel the precum soaking into my pants. I was unable to remove my eyes from the lust hungry pair, exploring each other's intimate places for the first time. Running their. "Susan I am then." I said."Well I am pleased to meet you Susan." said Amy and I nodded in reply.Now that I was fully dressed and at last had been named, Amy and I sat in the living room and had a cup of coffee. In no time at all I found myself responding to my new name and realised that Amy was talking to me as she would to any girl. I felt a warm glow all over my body at this thought.The plan for the rest of the afternoon was for Amy to take me shopping. It would be my first time out dressed. "Have you never seen one of these?"I brought out of my desk drawer one of my favourite stimulators. I have been lucky enough to forge a relationship with an exemplary craftsman in this field, someone that has been able to combine the skills of a master watchmaker with those of a sculptor of anatomy in order to produce the most marvellous, animated, replicas of the membrum virile. The device I handed to a disbelieving Nicola was a masterpiece in brass and heavy black rubber. The black rubber.

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