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Then he reached down and took hold of the cucumber and shoved it all the way up my little hole. Your cunt stretches slut&hellip, I screamed as it spli... me wider than Id been split before, and to my shame I came all over the cucumber as he raped me with it. Mr. Miller only laughed and got back in his chair to watch. I aint doing the work slut, fuck your nasty hole NOW! Crying in shame, and trembling from cumming I began to work the cucumber in and out of my cunt. I could feel myself stretching,. Ever since I had first laid eyes on him, I imagined of one day being lucky enough to be with him. We talked a lot at work and had some flirty conversations, but I was sure he saw me as just some young, innocent college girl. I wasn't sure how old he was, but he had to be about ten or fifteen years older than me, probably in his mid-thirties. He worked in a different section of the office, but sometimes I could have sworn he walked by the front desk just to make me swoon over him. It was like. It wasn’t much, but splashed on her neck in the ropey fashion that was normal for me. Turning around to face me she grabbed a Kleenex from the nightstand and wiped the goo from her face. Grabbing another, she wiped my face clean from the glazed look that she had left around my mouth. After a week of our honeymoon, Patricia was walking almost bow legged and my cock was raw. I could barely get any drizzle of nut to come out of me. It was time to go home and back to work. The trouble started. The music started and the first girl danced but towards the end of the dance she turned around wiggled her bottom to the music and stepped out of her bottoms leaving it bare !!!.. Jane almost choked as she thought this place was only a topless bar. Quickly the next girl did almost the exact same thing, the same was followed by the last girl. Until it was my wifes turn. By this time both the bouncer and several other men including the two black ones along with the bartender were crowding around.

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Desi Masala

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