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My breath was ragged as he reached over and grabbed my hard-on with his massive paw. It alost engulfed my entire prick. He smiled to let me know that ...e liked the feeling of my shank in his hand. I let out a sigh and reached out with my left hand and tried to wrap my fingers around his pole. They didn’t quite make it.. I swallowed hard. Can I handle this monster? We stared stoking each other as our breathing started to get heavier and to my surprise, he rolled over and wrapped his mouth around. I want to spend all my free time with the love of my life.’ She got up and kissed me. ‘You know flattery doesn’t work on me.’ ‘Liar. You know damn well it does.’ She kissed me again, giggling. ‘Ok, it does. You’re going to get sooo lucky tonight.’ I escaped her loving clutches and gave Kelly a quick kiss before I headed over to my daughter. I picked her up and kissed her, blowing a raspberry on her belly. ‘Be good for your Mommy, Angel,’ I told her, knowing damn well she couldn’t understand a. I can feel her wetness and the heat coming from her. We are both turned on and she reaches into my pants for my cock. I stop her and pull her dress over her head. She is completely naked and beautiful standing there. I take her in for a second and am very attracted to her. I have not been with someone that I am this attracted to in a long time. She unbuckles my pants and says, "Your turn." Within seconds, we are both naked. We are still standing up and she is stroking my cock while I am playing. I explained this to Silvia and asked her to put on a special show forHelena my wife.As I filmed I told Helena and I suggested she go round to Silvia's.She watched Silvia play with a dildo for a while and then went round. Thedoor waa open and Helena crept up the stairs.When Helena entered the bedroom I could see she stood and watched Silviafor a while and then Silvia must have invited her to join in as Helenatook off her top and they both caressed each other's breasts.I was getting real horny.

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Nirmala sex

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