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" Honey," Theresa started to say.Downs stopped her from going on and then nodded to Barnes to keep going."Tim and Theresa, what you are seeing in is why agents aren't supposed to get romantically involved."There was a round of snickers before Barnes went on."All of us have just gone through a harrowing experience. It is not what most people ever face. People like Downs and I do, and it is what that last comment is based on. Jessica is feeling an intensity of feelings for John that. He walked off to go and get changed while I resumed my position on the lounge. He came out minutes later in red boardies and jumped straight into the pool. I rolled my eyes and followed him. We floated around for a few minutes, my tits helping me to stay afloat and not submerge into the water. We splashed each other and chased each other around the pool for a few hours before the temperature really started to rise. “I’m tired, and hot,” I muttered, getting out of the pool, “I’m going to go tan. Gina didn’t mind wearing tight jeans but always wore floppy loose tops to hide what was there. The way she tried to hide them made me even more interested in finding out what she had.Her husband was Dan. Dan was a small, middle aged, pot bellied, college professor and a very liberal arts minded guy. I always thought he was gay because of the weak hand shake and the way he looked at me. He is about 5’5” or so and I’m 6’4”. Dan would ignore Gina to the point of walking away while she was talking. I would make out, on your back feeling it between our stomachs. You’d feel me grow. I would kiss your breasts, and lift your blue nighty and kiss your sides. Then slide my mouth down over your girlcock and look up at you. I would bob a few times, then move back up and slide into you. I would whisper into your ear, “Having her girlcock sucked makes my babygirl wet, doesn’t it?” Fucking you slowly, and deeply. Feeling my spit on your girlcock and it slides up and down my stomach as i fuck.

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