School Girl

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He moaned.I did it again, and this time, I wriggled my tongue tip over his sweet little thread, combining the hard suck of my lips and deep push of my...hand.Oh yes, my friend liked that!I took him in further, starting the suck lower and harder, and every time I reached the ridge and passed over it, wriggling my teasing tongue on his underneath, my friend would gasp and give little thrusts.I liked that. I wondered how deep I could take him. I found that if I tried to move my head up and down to. He reached out and caressed her breasts first and then squeezed her nipples. Her nipples were becoming hard. She moaned loudly , her body shuddered and started breathing heavily . She had a massive orgasm and she collapsed on top of Hari. She grabbed Hari and gave him a long wet sloppy kiss.They walked into the shower room. The cold water was welcome relief from the searing heat of the sauna. She felt his body and kissed him from head to toe. She played with his cock and balls. Hari was. The performance continued on into the night until the timing was perfect to end my new found freedom to the applause of horny she-boy loving men. As the music ended, I stood in a triumphant pose with my hands to my hips, my she cock slobbering with pre-cum saluting towards the sky. ''Yes they loved it,'' I thought to myself. Never underestimate a room full of horny men willing to enjoy your freedom of coming out to the world! As they approached throwing their money onto the tiny stage I. "Yes miss," she murmured before scurrying off to the bedroom.She returned minutes later dressed only in panties! A pair of burgundyfull panties."mmmm did I say you could wear me your collection," Idemanded dominantly.Blushing she scurried back to the bedroom and got out her collection ofpanties. I scanned through noticing a pair of open crotch panties, as Ipaused over them I heard her draw in breath. No, I wanted something inpink and girly, although it would have been funny to.

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School Girl