.Poor Elsa’s arse was still on fire despite the soothing bath and the lotion so lovingly applied by Georg.She had been so brave to accept the spanki...g, caning and tawsing that Georg had decreed was appropriate. Her bottom would be bright red for weeks but even that couldn’t ease the itch between her legs.She still craved cock! Sometimes Elsa though that she could fuck every man in Austria and still beg for more.So many of the men she fucked had short dicks and came so, so quickly ,leaving her. Old 5’4″ height; she is white in color with the stats of 32, 28, and 34. Her father is in military so she lives with her mother only and her mother work in MNC and often go out of town for 4-5 days. Her mother is gud frd of my mother so she used to live with us.Well the real story started when i was having holidays and my mother and father go on a relative’s marriage for 4 days and i was alone with her. My parents left early in the morning around 6 and i was watching TV and after some time i go. “My love,” he whispered. Her eyes finally adjusted to the brightness and she realized that it was coming from Davariel. He glowed like golden fire, even his wings. They were lying in the middle of a field. The tall grass shimmered with iridescent colors and strange orbs floated in the air around them. “Where are we?” He looked around, then back at her. “I don’t know, my love.” His hand caressed her cheek. “You’re glowing. Like fire, Luci.” Raising her hand, she saw that she was surrounded. The outer door sounded, Susan reached to open it, and into the office came Claire.“The police have arrested Seth,” she said as she entered. “They’ve kept him overnight and he’s up before the magistrates this morning. You want to come?”“No,” said Susan, looking up from the computer screen, “He can rot in hell for all I care.”“Eh?” Claire asked, “I thought...”“Conned you as well?” Susan said bitterly, “Let me enlighten you. Seth took my keys and had copies made. Then he went to Victor Freeman’s.

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