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The relief was incredible.The continued use of the MP3's at night was still affecting Chrissie,who was thinking more and more he was a girl, and liked...girl things. Hewas also becoming more subservient towards anybody and any thoughts ofrebellion were long past.Chrissie was prepared for and given an enema, to ensure cleanliness andfor the remote butt plug to be reinserted, and inflated. The effects ofthe MP3's and the routine nature of this meant it felt almost natural.Chrissie was dressed in a. --- "When I came down, I realized that his penis was still in my mouth, and I had a mouthful of his sperm. I really didn't know what to do, so I pulled him out and swallowed. Then I wiped my chin too. It was like I was licking frosting off my fingers. Weird, but it seemed right. I looked down and some of the cum has dribbled onto my knees and thighs.--- "Just then, we heard Dad coming up from the basement. He yelled and asked if I was done making up Chandler's room. I shouted out some lame. In response I pulled the string of her petticoat loose. She stopped me and proposed to have a fun with added pleasure and start with drinks. She asked me to bring some thing to eat from the nearby shop. When I returned back, The center table was dressed with two glasses and two bottles of chilled strong beer. She was in a see thru kurta which was sticking with her body due to sweat. Her contours were clearly visible and I was feeling crazy about her nudity. She filled both the glasses and. I was a little self conscious about wearing the tiny speedo and wondered what would be said about my sexy wife wearing her non existent bathing suit by the pool, but after the quick session we had, I thought what the hell. I grabbed a towel and away we went. We stopped by Ted and Laura's room and all four of us went to the pool. We stopped at the poolside bar for a drink and admired the scenery. I looked around the pool and noticed there were some people totally nude both male and.

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