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Her father and his army were going to destroy Zothurith and this twisted man with it.Amalia: “I’m here because a disgusting pig decided to kidnap ...e in the middle of the night while I slept.”Everyone in the room, other than Amalia and Degladoth, was frozen in shock, dumbfound looks upon their faces. Amalia was glaring hard into Degladoth’s eyes, but where she expected to find fear or anger, she saw joy which enraged her even further. Deglaoth was smiling wide but kept himself from. You mustn't answer." Come on, sweetie." Ok," she hesitates and deeply breathes in. "Why didn't you shave your hair down there in the last time?" Do you think it's more beautiful when it's blank?" Oh..." Zoe gulps. "Well....It's unusual....for you..." You didn't answer my question," I replied."To be honest. Yes." So why don't you shave it DOWN THERE, too?" It happened better than expected. Within half an hour the first girl started to talk personel and sexual. A light flash runs through my body. "They will do," I said as I unbuttoned my pants. I pulled my slacks off with my underwear, shocking my new young employee. My cock sprang to attention, ready for this girl despite my verbal insults."Come over here and kneel," I said as I sat back down.Samantha smiled smugly, already spending her two thousand in her mind. She got on her knees between my legs, and moved to reach for my cock. I stopped her hands."No hands," I said and when she smiled, I added, "no lips or tongue either."Samantha. "Good, I have made us an appointment, 1PM." she said."We should be able to do that no problem," I suggested.Sylvia was in a rush to leave, so I assumed that she and Peter were doing something. I really didn't want to know what they were up to. It was none of my business, so I set my mind to other things.I went into rest mode and tried to power down. It was hard to power down, but I did manage. The operation we had just finished ran through my mind. I wondered how much the CIA knew. I firmly.

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