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Yeah, sure” was about all I could get out of my dumbfounded mouth. I just stood there and watched her ass as she walked over to the bed.She started ...o strip the bed. Her tits and ass jiggled delightfully as she moved back and forth making the bed. When she was done there, she said looking and pointing pass me “I’ll need to clean the bathroom.” As she walked towards me I turned to the side so she could pass. She reached out and firmly grabbed now very hard dick and gave it a few good jerks. Her. It felt like she had a small apple in her mouth. Everything around her faded as pleasure overcame her senses. Her heart pounded in her chest and her vagina quivered, pouring juice into the crotch of her shorts. Robert opened his eyes just in time to see Jimmy and Rhonda get out of the pool and walk toward the deck. Fortunately, they were so engrossed in their conversation that they were not looking at the deck. Robert pushed Jennifer's head away from his pulsing penis. There was an audible pop,. They had discussed her limits, her expectations and what John would prefer, but it would be Jim's job to see it through. He smiled at the thought because he knew just what she needed - and all their previous conversations on the subject had given him insight into her desires."Darling? Did you wear your plug today?", he asked, knowing the answer, as he gently caressed her hip and thigh.She slowly shoot her head. "No, not today. I wasn't home", she replied as she almost purred at his touch."What. You sip some brandy and settle back down in front of me. I’m warm from the brandy, but the heat building in my abdomen is entirely from you. I want to taste you, to feel you all around me, but I return to my task, placing my thumbs at the base of your neck and working the knots in deep slow circles. You sigh and I feel the tension in your muscles drain a bit. With my hands on either side of your neck, I delicately drag my fingernails up your neck to the base of your skull and then run my.

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