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I'm wondering when we're going to see him climax and see his Jizz fly,when you hear a knock at the door of the cabin. He has to pull his hard on out o... his friends a$$ and with his long boner sticking straight out he walks to the door without putting any clothes on. The guy at the door is hold's a tool box and needs to come into the cabin,that\s it for the story line,the next shot is both these long cocks are in the friends face,one sticking straight out and then the new guy with a curve on the. So at 6PM I drive a short distance and pick up the biggest black guy I had ever met. Who was going to fuck me. Oh my word. He asked me if I had bought the booze he requested and I told him I did. I couldn’t wait to suck his cock.We get to the park and to my space and get out and go inside. He made the RV shake. It is the size of a greyhound bus. We get inside he has to duck a bit. My kitchen is fairly big so he was taking out the booze and making a drink. I went in to the back and stripped. " "It's like some kind of remote control vibrator or something? Like inside you right now?" "You got it. Mom gave it to me for my birthday. And you're the first person to get me off with it. Thanks. Wanna try again, now that you know what it is?" "You're kidding. It really is like a female sex thing that you put up inside?" "Yeah, I'll show you later if you want," I said knowing that he'd have to see my pussy if I was really going to do that. But I was feeling so sexed-up that I really didn't. Which is somewhat true we are not born only for eating there are many other interesting things in the world. So this made my Mami to call me, it was 0700 PM when I got a call from my Mami and she invited me for the dinner. As that was my 1st day of independence after so many years thus I called few of my pals for a drinking session, I told her that I’m expecting a friend for dinner tonight. On which she just said to let her know in case I need any help. I said thanks for the same.So the day – 1.

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