Black Woman

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I had just arrived, loaded my money and sat down to find a video to get hard to. I saw movement to my right through the fist sized gloryhole on the w...ll. I looked through and there hung the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was ten inches and thick around as my wrist at the base and slightly tapering to the head which was a fat mushroom. I actually moaned when I saw it glowing there in the light from the CRT TV blaring porn. The owner of that gorgeous monster cock stepped up to the gloryhole. Strip," she ordered, "robe off, show the goodies."I stripped off, and she led me into the hallway, turning me around, locking leather straps around my arms, plus a waist strap that had a loose strap that went between my legs, fastening behind me. She enclosed my wrists in leather cuffs, fastened also behind me. The ankles were also cuffed and then ankle cuffs were joined to my wrist cuffs with a short metal chain, forcing me into a kneeling position.I tried moving, but was unable to move more. And oh by the way, he's black. However, more about him later.Vicki and I have been married for almost 8 years now. My how time flies. By any normal measure, it has been an unusual marriage, to say the least, as was our dating and engagement prior to being wed.The best place to start my story might be about 8 months before we were married. Yes, that's where I'll start.That was when I'd discovered that Vicki was a cheat and her actions had put our upcoming marriage in jeopardy.She not only had. Such situations include, but are not limited to, graphicsex, illicit sex, violent sex, incest, bestiality, snuff, rape, commercialmurder, erotic murder, terrorism, cannibalism, pedophilia, consumption of fecesand urine, unrestrained violence, recreational murder, illicit drug use, occultism,and desecration of religious and political symbols. Reading or viewing mediacontaining such strong language and/or depictions of such adult situationsis collectively referred to as pornographic material..

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Black Woman

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