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Me: Do you really want it bitch that too on the beach?Sonam : yes I do !Me: I said this beach will get crowded after sometime. Let me arrange somethin... .I called up the waiter whom i knew personally and told that I need a taxi. He said sir I have a taxi with me but no driver .I asked whether he knows to drive .He said yes but said that he was bit tired and felt like sleeping. I said to wait. I went to Sonam and asked “Do you want to fuck someone else also?”Sonam: Who?Me: The waiter.Sonam: That. They then sat back down before I could get a good look at each of their cocks; or should I call it my merchandise! Steve told me to kneel in front of him in the middle of his office which I did’“Get my cock out”‘I reached up and undid the button on his jeans and lowered his zipper, I then hooked my fingers over the sides of his jeans making sure I grabbed the elastic of his boxer shorts before pulling down. Steve big cock sprung up almost slapping me in the face but I managed to move in time; I. Then I could feel it, the head started pressing against my hole. more and more till I felt it give and he slowly slid up inside. I ask him to please be gentle at 1st and he was. the feeling of being filled up slowly was painful and erotic all at the same time. I will be honest it did hurt/burn but it felt good too. When I am being fucked it is nit only physical but mental as well. The feeling of a man on top of me treating me the same way I like to see them treat my wife is such a turn on. I. Its how I payed mom and dad rent. I was in the middle of a priavte show when you walked in. she sighed and rubbed her face. She then chuckled and began crying again. I leaned in and hugged her again as she sobbed into my chest. I Miss mom. She realeased the words dreadfully through her sobs. She just cried. I pulled her away and looked her in the eyes. Its okay, It will be okay. I know Im not your mom, but Im here for you now. I dont know if it was just her sorrow or what, but Lexi leaned in.

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Romantic kiss boobs lick

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Big ass wife

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Bang hard

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