Perfect Teen

I should have known right then.I grabbed a drink from a passing cocktail waitress with some really pretty tits up on display in her small uniform and ...ropped a ten dollar bill on her tray. No need to horde my cash I thought, I planned on having more soon."Slot number 212. Using a magnet." The guy on her left got up and walked away into the rows of slots. I scanned the rest of the casino as I watched her operate. She was the only one monitoring at the moment, so I felt safe enough to go play. Fred was dealing; I was to his left, then Dennis, Gary, then Wayne and finally Jack. No one had won a big pot or really taken the game serious, pretty average for this bunch actually. Then Jack said something about his wife wanting to do something different in the bedroom. This of course this got all kinds of advice and suggestions on things to do to spice it up a little in the sack. “I’ll tell you what gets my wife hot,” says Gary , “and that’s a little. She exhaled and sat back in the seat leaving her skirt hiked up and her panties exposed. The policeman smiled at her again."Can I touch your legs; I promise I won't go any higher than your thighs," he pleaded.Michele suddenly stiffened in her seat; scared now that any control of the situation that she may have had was running away from her."Just my legs; and just for a couple of minutes I have to get back on the road," she said firmly.The policeman slid a hand across the front seat and gently. "So tell me. How do my lips feel big boy? Am I as good as my daughter? Does she do this for you?"She tipped forward again, swallowing his manhood....sucking, licking, her tongue swirling around his ridge. As she knelt there, seeing to her son in laws cock, so her thoughts almost inevitably turned to her family, her parents, her daughter and not least of all her hubby, lying alone, upstairs in bed. She was all too aware, had Rick been five minutes later she would have finished her coffee and she.

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Perfect Teen

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