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"Try this. I think you'll feel a lot better." There was a soft laugh. "Probably smell a bit better too."Oh golly. Pre-war American bath soap. A rich s...eet scented foam appeared almost immediately as I rubbed it over my body."Thank you, Jill!" I thought about it and a slight frown crossed my face. "But you can't have much of it. I know its not available here at all." No, well, I'm down to the last couple of bars I brought when I was assigned here. But you really deserve a bit of a pampering.". . I let her go and I walked to the bed and told her to strip to her bra and panties, then to put the collar on her neck letting the leash hang in front of her. I noted she had a nursing bra and I told her I wanted her milky nipples exposed. I had her masturbate for me and lick her fingers then crawl on her hands and knees to me. I told her to open my fly and to lick my balls suck my cock, damn, she did a great job, I rolled my legs up and told her to eat my ass, wow, this 19 year old hottie. As beat as I was, I stood there and let him pump it. By now he had woke up to the point where he said, “Don’t tell Gloria,” and then he proceeded to suck me again. Well fuck - this guy can suck… He almost had me to the point where I shot my load in his mouth when we were downstairs. Within no time, I was as hard as a rock, sliding in and out of Patrick’s mouth. Now as he sucked and sucked me, he began pump his hard cock. Patrick had a nice steady rhythm going, in and out, and in and out, so to. One day soon after that I showed my mother several of the articles and explained what I had seen going on in the rooms on the back side. I asked her if she thought we had pimps using our rooms for prostitution. She sighed and looked at me like she had dreaded the day when I would ask her about our guests.Then she said, “Wendi, I try to mind my own business, and I don’t ask our guests why they're staying with us. We’re just barely making ends meet, and I welcome any guests who pay cash to stay.

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Very horny bhabi 1:31

Very horny bhabi

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Big pussy lady

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