Dress Change

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The second place I tried was different. Same ring the buzzer to get in, but the inside was much larger and more professional looking. It was well lit,...with a waiting area, but it did have similar small rooms curtained off. Also, a man answered the door here. I said I was interested in a half hour massage and he said it was $45. I asked if he did the massage, or were there women to do the massage, and he said women. I asked if it was a full body massage. He said half hour massage just back and. He thought to himself just how muchdamage a pair of shoes like that could do to a slave as the woman led him down a flight of stairs and intoa small room in the basement. It was an older building and she had led him into a room that looked ancient.It was a small room with cement walls and the floor was part cement and part dirt. Half of the floor wascement and the other half was dirt and it rested slightly lower than the cemented area.In the corner he could see twisted metal sticking up out. It traveled only a short distance before encountering the delicate bell hanging from my clit ring and then spraying all over my legs and the floor. I'd have to get the puddles cleaned up before they damaged the hardwood flooring, but first I needed to apologize to Linnea about whatever I'd done!"Hey, cool down," Cammy told me, blocking my path to the door. "I was just kidding, okay?"My heart settled back into something approaching a normal rhythm. "Jesus, Cammy! Why did you do that?" I glared. And I want to cuddle so badly!"What a mess! I didn't know what to do. All I knew was I loved this little girl, and she had gotten such a rotten deal. I couldn't stand to see her unhappy. She had really seemed happy the last week or so, and if making her happy meant breaking a rule now and then, which I had already broken once, maybe I should. If anyone ever found out, would it really matter how many times we had done it? All I knew was I could not leave her this way. I did the only thing I.

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Dress Change

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