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An hour later, she was done. For Jill, the new instructions were, "no one turns you on like Don does. You want to have his children, and no one else's..." And for her, "You aren't worried about pregnancy any longer. You just want to ensure that your best friend is happy and taken care of." There, that should do it. Short and sweet, so that she couldn't mess things up any further. She included the same compulsion to rewatch the new videos as she had for the old one, and saved the new files. She. He was full blown horny. Tim crawled away from Rosa going to peep out a small window in the door. He was glad he chose to make them a safety nest in the living room in case they needed to escape quickly. As he crawled, Rosa saw his long hanging ball sack. One hairy ball hung outside, as his crotch piece was drawn tight by his hard cock. She felt her cunt squirt, soaking her panties. The more she tried to stop her taboo thoughts, the wetter she got. She had always been a size queen and her. Her fingers pinched and rolled Mitsuko’s nipples. “Keep ramming your stick into my cauldron. I love it!”“I love you!”Those words did it. Sayuri’s pussy spasmed about the toy buried in the depths of her pussy. She thrashed and groaned, bucking. Her pussy writhed about the ramming bundle of fibers, clenching down on the hard beads.Yoshiko drowned in rapture with Sayuri. She gasped in the ghost’s soul, savoring the wicked memory, the delight of Sayuri’s virginity lost at the hands of the sexy. The older design did add weight, but not enough to cause problems. The particularpair she had brought was loose fitting and non-adjustable so they wouldn'ttighten on her wrists, but from her testing at home she knew she couldn't slipthem. Once locked on she would not be able to remove them without the key. Her last step would be to place her hands behind her back,work the loose end of the handcuffs through the ring on the waist chain, thenfasten her wrists together. From that point on she would.

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Store Room

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