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I groaned, my eyes fluttering as he rammed into my spasming depths over and over. He kept me cumming. Kept the incestuous celebration bursting youthful body.“Such a pervy coach!” I moaned. “Ooh, just fucking your underage student so hard.”“When she’s a slutty, little brat, I will!” he growled. “I’ll fuck any girl that comes into the boy’s locker room and shakes a cute ass at me.”“What would your daughter think, Coach Young?” I gasped, my body trembling, my mind melting under the. Just hold me, please? For a little bit, Robert. Just for a while, okay?" Sure. Of course I will," Robert nodded. "I'm here now, Pauline. You're safe now."Downstairs in the kitchen, Brenda was cooking dinner, but she knew she was in trouble. That little bitch would be telling Robert everything, she thought, and probably more than that. Pauline would be making stuff up, lies to make what had happened seem much worse than it really was. So she'd given the woman a spanking, so what? She'd deserved. "Hi, I'm Trinity," she said and put her arms around me. She ground her curves against me and I stood there like a statue."I'm... uhhh..." I stammered.Trinity pressed her breasts into my chest and whispered, "Come on, Dad, snap out of it. Just try to act normal until we can get out of here. Please, don't fuck this up." She pulled my face down into her neck and she smelled of fresh soap."Mmm, nice to meet you, Rich." My daughter said, still rubbing against me. I knew that Fred must be thinking I. ."Her screams actually turned me on more. The pain I was causing her aroused me, making me want to keep reaming her tiny asshole with my hand. I pulled from her ass and immediately pushed in again with all five fingers. I was going to fist her ass and I didn't care how much she screamed. I forced hard into her anus stretching it wider and wider. The closer my knuckles got to her asshole the wider it stretched. I maintained a hard forward thrust against her anal hole as it slowly stretched.

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