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She lies down on bed and told “yen maadbeku antha nanna eerathri”? ( What you want to do with me tonight) he smiled and told what would you think?...She had a big smile on her face. She told no other man has entered me other than my husband!I know she was lying.He was really amazed and told “You have such a beautiful body and you haven’t let anyone touch it and please you? How could you resist for such a long time?” And he spread her legs to have a clear look at her honey pot.She just moved her. I noticed her left hand moving to my recently shaven crotch. She said, ooo, because she had never seen or thought about shaving her own vagina. She stuck her fingers inside me and it felt marvelous. I had always wondered what it would be like for another person to finger me, but I never thought my sister would be the one to do it. We both began to move our fingers to pleasure the other. I was stunned by the way it felt for her to be fingering me, but also how different it felt to finger her.. She was totally at my mercy. I thought of all the times she had used nipple clamps on me. How she had decorated my ball sack, and my nipples. I thought of the exquisite feeling when the clamps were removed.Her breathing became heavy, as I grabbed the left centered pink clothes pin and released it."Oh, thank you, Master A", she cried out with uninhibited passion!Slowly, the next one, right side, then top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. With each release, she cried out. She was. Now with full access to his exposed and twitching ass, I kissed all around his hole, then lapped at it with long and wet licks before finally forcing my tongue inside him. He groaned loudly with each tickling thrust of my tongue - me copying the amazing technique he had used on me earlier. After a few minutes of that delicious torture he sat up a little, put his feet back on the floor and I happily took his cock into my mouth. I could tell he was very close to cumming and I was getting ready to.

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Desi lover fun

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