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A shy boy would not go bragging to his friends about what he had been doing with a girl, he would like a girl so much, he would do what he was told, for the being given the opportunity to be with a girl. She also liked smart boys, not the dullards like her sister seemed to bring home, all they did was want to sit in front of the tube. She didn't like the jocks because they were to agressive and loud, she knew they talked about their girl friends, she had heard them. No she wanted that one,. She is our friend.Me: Ok, can you do me a favor?Anu: Yes, if I can.Me: I want to have sex with you today. Please, baby.After a lot of hesitation, my ex-gf finally said yes and told me to wait in her room.I entered her room with a lot of expectations and kept the door open. I was eagerly waiting for Anu.Then I heard footsteps of someone coming towards my room. I switched off the light and went behind the door.Anu entered the room. I quickly closed the door and locked the tower bolt. Without. As soon as he left,she logged on to her email and noticed her Dom mentor was online. For the nextfew hours they chatted over IM about her feelings. He gave her advice and onceagain she wondered what it would be like to be his sub. He was so masterful,confident, and caring. Finally they signed off and she went to bed. As shelay there in bed, she started to think about her mentor. As she thought ofhim, her hand crept down to her pussy where it started rubbing her clit. Beforelong she came. Yes! There you go. Perfect.? slave 4 didn’t move. ?Thank you, Lady Ex. Now we’ll affix these nipple cuffs that encircle the nipples and keep them compressed around the circumference, and we’ll add these clips to compress further from the sides. Yes, I’d appreciate it if you could go ahead and tighten them down, as far as they’ll go, perfect. They’ll mash down just about flat if you tight them enough. Exactly. Now, we’ll leave those to absorb and check the lower end again.? The last of.

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