I turned on Ashley's little night light, tossed my towel into the hamper, and settled myself into bed. There was no way I could sleep as my mind raced...hoping Daddy would make his visit as he had, even without Ashley here.I was so excited I had started fingering my clit and running my fingers up and down on my labia, feeling the moisture. I opened the lips wide, and felt the nectar flow from my womanhood. I was dreaming of it being him, not my fingers.Thirty minutes had passed; I was practicing. It’s quite obvious we can no longer control our lust and my heart, along with the stirring in my loins, begins to swell with the overwhelming excitement and need for her. I pull a spare Members badge from my suit pocket and hand it to her, “Follow me.” “Where are we going?” she enquires, an excited tone to her voice. “Now that would be telling!” I laugh, cheekily as I take her by the hand, making our way to the lift located in the corner of the mounting yard level, the ground floor of the. "Maybe we'll talk about it some more later. I can't promise anything but..." Ah, but might you excuse a brief interruption?"Sirinna turned her head in mild surprise at the voice behind her. Amanda was not as surprised as she had seen him approach just as she had finished speaking to Sirinna. She carefully controlled her reactions in front of Sirinna. The last thing Amanda wanted was for Sirinna to get even a hint of what she might be feeling for him.Sirinna nodded once, smiling pleasantly. "Of. When arrived, I could hear the shower running, so I made my way to the bathroom. I pulled the shower curtain back and found her rinsing the suds from her beautiful body. I reached in and pulled her towards me for a passionate kiss and immediately began caressing her dripping wet curves. My hand found her pussy, and before things got out of hand, Jes suggested that we make our way to her bed. She was actually sleeping on an air mattress in the living room while her brother was visiting. Of.

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