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When I was in upper primary school, a new lady teacher joined there. She was young and beautiful. bit dark in complexion, but a very lively complexion... She was 5’6 in height and with big well developed boobs and very sexy curves. Her hair was curly and that added to her seductive charm. By the time I had stated masturbating and this teacher became my fantasy figure in masturbation dreams.The she got married to an elderly cousin of mine who was a state government employee. He was very lean,. Ray insisted that she stay home and raise their child. She made a good home for her family. She was frugal with their money and they lived fairly well on Ray's salary.She thought that they had an excellent life together. Their sex life was good and they did many things as a family until the night Ray told her that he had been unhappy for years and that he wanted a divorce. She found out later that he was leaving her for a much younger woman at work that he had been having an affair with for. ”She pressed into me and I rolled onto my back and helped pull her on top. I was betting she’d still have done this only with me. I cuddled her intensely, with no erection. I was trying not to think about what she must have experienced.“Is it okay if we don’t do it?” she asked. “You were right, to say not. Just for a bit.”“Of course.”So we talked a bit more and eventually she had the little cry she needed. Cooling, tickling drops ran down the side of my chest. Then she fell asleep lying on me.. " Ok Chris, if you think so, but I really enjoy seeing how much more I can lift every week," I replied. "I'll just keep the weights I have now and increase the reps for each set." Come by my office and we'll mark down your new weights and current reps and then do some measurements," he instructed me.I showered and went in to see Chris. He took some measurements and then got my chart out and wrote my new weights for each exercise."Ok, you've gained twenty five pounds in two months, up to 230,.

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Creamy Cum

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