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We became friends, he borrowed my DVDs and stuffOne weekend around Easter I'd arranged to pick up a film from his - I'd had a really naughty morning, ...etting myself off in the shower with the shower head and fingering my pussy so that it was all swollen and juicy. I'd shaved my pussy lips clean and I was feeling nasty.I got ready to go to his, I put on a very short skirt, intending to put on boots and thick tights, but I got distracted by my fishnet hold ups in the draw. I slid them onto my. That night, i couldn't stopped myself from masturbating again, for hours long. "i am such a slut", fingers deep in my forced sex loving cunt. i thought of myself as a strong independent feminist women before, but how can i now ? it's so wrong to enjoy it, but it was so good when i forced himself in me. so hot to be so helpless. i re-imagined the scene, but that time, i was eager to please him, sucking his cock and sweaty balls after he finished violating night tho, i was brownsing. I love every bit of your cock from the veins that run the length of your cock to your smooth shaved balls which I love to take into my mouth and suck each in turn. I love licking into your slit with my tongue. And Daddy just sitting here writing this too you is making my pussy wet and wanting. I love it when Daddy says “I need to fuck my girl” and I lie down and spread my legs especially for you. You always slide yourself in so gently, as if it’s our very first time. The pure bliss as you. ” Brett asked if he could bring someone with him. In response to the cops’ question, he said he didn’t want a lawyer. “I want Mark to come with me.” No one was more shocked than I. Whatever could I do? The campus police shepherded all three of us out of the dorm and straight to the Dean’s office. We were asked – actually ordered – to take seats. The Dean and Dr. Wagoner were there, looking at us sternly. The Dean spoke. “Mr. Bowdain and Mr. Goldberg, you are in serious shit. Marjorie?” Dr..

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