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Other than that, it will remain in your ass until her period is over. Is this understood?" "Yes, Master", we both replied. I added, "Master, can slave...take that?" Well, I understand from some doctor friends of mine that you can, but it will not be comfortable after awhile. You will have a day of residual, where your ass will be spasming after it is over, but, other than that; you can and will take it. Between now and then, however, since by my calculation we still have 5 days left, on Wednesday. . Excuse me, Excuuuuse me,You suddenly realise you are still at work and there is a woman standing beside you, tapping you on the shoulder. You are a little embarrassed as you come back to reality and realise you have been gently rubbing yourself while standing there. She whispers into your ear that she has been watching you rub yourself and said that she was getting very turned on by this fact, even though she has not experienced a woman before she says that you got her so horny just by. "Andy we have a very unusual problem that concerns the Christmas toy drive the department has every year." Do to the heavy snow storm we can't get the toys delivered to the orphanage." None of our heavy duty vehicles are capable of getting through the heavy snow and this storm will not be stopping anytime soon so the orphans may not get any toys for Christmas."And unfortunately your fellow lawmen god bless them have not come up with any useful solutions." If you have any ideas on how to solve. Normally, he addressed a joint session once a year to report on the State of the Union. It is very rare otherwise. If it does happen, it is normally reserved for most serious matters such as declarations of war and major national crises. This special address was scheduled for eight o’clock in the evening. The TV networks were carrying the speech live, although there had been no advance word regarding its subject matter.The President was introduced by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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