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Wait, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, school outfit), those incredibly long legs barely covered by your little plaid skirt, cute little white pan...ies peeking out as you bend over my lap. I'd have to fondle it a bit before the spanking began, then ... damn, gotta go, something smells like it's overheating.And you reek of hotness. My nose knows.LUBX4, Stumpy.I pushed back from the computer, looking at the bulge in my shorts. Damn, I needed to be laid in the worst way.I pushed back from the. I stand on the side of the bed stroking my cock coated with her pussy juice, I run my right hand over her silky black small ass but curvy a big dimple over her ass hole. Her back curved as I lean to caress her sweaty skin. As I align my cock to her pulsing wet leaking pussy hole and nudge the lips as I slip in. Her pussy turns inwards as I push harder.Ahhh ummmm she moans dhere saaabb” she moans as I push steadily to 7 inches “uuueee mmaaa aaahhhhhh” she screams loudly in d pillow, she tries to. And it was happening. I was reaching the deepest parts of her love hole. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. My tool was going in and out of her like a well-oiled machine. In perfect sync. And me occasionally kissing her, and doing whatever I could possibly do with her breasts. She was just breathing heavily. Not what I expected. I guess I just wasn’t big enough to make her moan. I wonder how long this will go on for. Just then I realised I couldn’t last any longer and. After some more gentle foreplay with her being so aroused her panties were soaked through, I excused myself to get the toys from the bedroom. John was waiting out the back door so I let him in and quietly lead him to the lounge room, where he began to strip off. His cock was at half mast when he stripped with the sounds of the pornos and the fact my wife was furiously rubbing her clit seemed to entice his cock to grow wild. He move closer and my wife, thinking it was me reached down to his cock.

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