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Valerie moved her hand out of Tessa's panties and let her stick her whole hand in there. She rubbed Valerie's pussy very slowly and got every drop of on her hand she could get. Tessa pulled her hand out and let Valerie lick her hand until it was clean."Your turn sweetheart," Valerie said as she put her hand into Tessa's panties.She rubbed Tessa's pussy even slower, and then brought her hand to Tessa's mouth."It's all you can lick," Valerie said.So of course Tessa licked off all of her cum. She stood there for a moment in her underwear, stockings and heels and then did a slow twirl around. “It looks like you missed me, by the look in your eyes and the bulge in your pants,” Jenny commented. She knelt down and helped Mike take his shirt off. She ran her hands through his hairy chest and paid extra attention to his nipples. They were hard and she gently licked on them while Mike moaned with appreciation. Then she unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. She was greeted with the tip. Are you okay with that?”She let out a loud sigh of relief and then said, “Oh, God, yes! I just about had a heart attack thinking your mom was going to see me here topless with you. Even though I was helping you by using my shirt, it would have been embarrassing, and probably troublesome, don’t you think?”“Embarrassing for you? Yes. Troublesome? No,” I replied with a pained smile. “My mom is a nurse and she’d have understood why you were like you were helping me. However, if I can keep you from. It was where she had left it propped alongside a tree.'I'd like to see the ape-men keep up with me when I'm on this!' thought the grinning Lara as she leapt on the bike and reached for the ignition key."Lost something, liebchen?"Lara spun round to see the smirking figure of the German adventurer Klaus Kunkel standing ten feet away. In one hand the six-foot tall blond Teuton had a gun leveled at Lara, with the other he held up the key to Lara's bike."Kunkel!" said Lara slowly, "I'd heard you.

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