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She almost thought she could hear Viktor's words in her mind telling her to accept and appreciate the cock using her. Jose was just so much bigger an... stronger then her and she lost her will to fight and let him use her body for his pleasure. She even found herself thinking more about what Viktor said and moved her hips and tightened and released her vaginal muscles helping him to cum sooner which meant he would stop using her.Viktor was right it seemed like less then a minute after she began. I lowered my cock into her moist hole& started making forward & backward movements.Then to her surprise,i lifted both her legs with my hands & placed them around my neck.Then i told her to cross them as hard as she could.There were still away from my head,so that my movement was not restricted.After i had finished fucking her in this manner,she asked me if she could come on top. She came on the top & her back faced me,while i lied on my back.She went down & started sucking on my cock very. “Mm,” Tammy said, “not only is he a wonderful host, but he tastes good too.”“Can I have a taste?” Jill asked.I walked to her, and her lips fell right on my cock, taking me in down to the first band of the harness. Her head moved up and down slowly a few times as she held onto my thighs.“My turn,” Courtney said as I was passed from one to the other.She had opened the top of her blouse and was obviously toying with her breast as she cupped my nuts in her hand and began sucking on my cock. If. He pushed himself downwards, his hands grasping my hips, wrapping tightly, squeezing my soft skin, and I let another gasp ring out, and then his face was between my thighs.I felt his tongue rasp against my bud, and I was lost in new sensation. He dragged his tongue through my wet slit and it was almost unbearable. His beard brushed and burned against the sensitive skin of my thighs, making me hotter, making me ache and throb more. I could have shouted my house down, as he eagerly began licking.

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