Dharmapuri Scandal Part 6

  • 25:44
  • 2 days ago

I waited for her to leave before I could even stand up. At this point I would not even be able to walk. As I sat there I thought that now was not the...time for my a*****ion. Not yet. She seemed to be playing a sexier game with me even though she knew not of whom she was playing with. I figured I would play our little game of cat and mouse a little while longer before I took her to be my sex slave. After she left I waited a while, made my way home for the night and pounded one out big time to. The nurse stood with her hands over her mouth in shock. But she hadn't moved from her spot.The cop continued to curse leaving Jenny struggling under the dazed doctor."Hey help quickly we need to..." Jenny tried to get him focused the doctor starting to knell up rubbing his head.Officer Smith still had the mask but wasn't jumping to her aid."Fuck it, fuck it!" He continued to curse, the doc looking up at him."I just... I thought..." The doc seemed to be explaining his actions. Jenny was so. ‘Patience’ She grabbed my cock and guided it towards her love tunnel, but I stopped her, and used one of my hands to pin both of hers above her head. I then started to rub the head of my cock up and down her slit, and then slowly pushing it inside her soaking pussy. When just my head was in, I pulled back out again. I kept repeating this, forever teasing her. And then without warning I thrust down into her, causing her to scream in pleasure. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock, adjusting. Ann is now full aroused as never before. She says, “Wait a minuteguys!” and turns over on her back, lying fully prone with legsfully apart. “Please love me any ways you want to, my three dearfriends!” Ann, exclaimed, and then groaned as first Arnold, thenMichael, then Norman kissed her lips, kissed her nipples, kissedand licked her clitoris one after the other. Ann was beside herselfwith the overwhelming pleasure of this triple loving attention. Nowone boy began kissing.

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