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The big horse smelled him even before he came to the stall and was tossing his head and stomping his front feet as Tom walked up and opened the door t... the stall.He stayed with him for a while, then patted his neck and walked back over to the sheriff’s office to see where Cal and Bat were. He never saw the half breed slip from the stable just as he walked in to check on his horse.Cal was sitting in the sheriff’s office talking with Charlie Bassett when Tom walked in.“Sure took you a long time. He was surprised to see me up. I then told him that I had seen them together the night before. He said he was sorry for what had happened but I told him to relax and that I was ok with it. I then asked him if he would like to fuck her again while I watched. He was very nervous and was a little hesitant, so I suggested that we both fuck her. He then asked if it would be ok if he watched her and I together and then if he felt comfortable he would join in. I said “of course”.We had just finished. He undressed me slowly and lovingly telling me how sexy I looked in just stockings and then slid his erection easily into the sopping wetness between my legs,I enjoyed a mini orgasm at that moment and clung to him whilst the pleasure waves receded, then I told him,"I've just had a little one Jimmy" I said as I nibbled his ear, "Now make me fucking scream"He did too, three more times I climaxed, twice vaginally and then he pumped me wildly to my first anal orgasm in many, many months whilst I. This expectation had educated and fixated my mother with her father, and she ended up being the one left wanting, and who one night slipped under his bed sheet and took the liberty for her own gratification, while her mother slept alongside in the same bed, with Grandfather in between both.Such a tale when told to me, left me shaking, I found it erotic to say the least, he dirtiness of such an act, titillated, and appealed to me, I knew then I had to experience it, by my mid teens, I had been.

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